Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Sometimes you just have to face the music

I am nerdier than 74% of all people. Are you nerdier? Click here to find out!

So I just took a "How much of a nerd are you?" test. It was a pretty fun little test and if you click on the nerd score above, you can see for yourself. I heard about the test from my father-in-law, who is a self proclaimed nerd. I scored higher than he did. This is not good news to me.

On to other news, I promised to keep up the food analogies for the inside of the human body which I'm disecting for class. Today's two analogies are corn and chicken. These are two good foods that most people I know seem to enjoy. I'm going to do my best to ruin them for you. As the disection has progressed up the leg, the fat globules have grown larger. Now they resemble large, squishy yellow corn kernels. Yummy. While digging down below the skin, I stumbled upon the muscle layer in the arm. It definitely looks a lot like chicken. 'Nuff said.

As I look at my post, I can see that maybe my fascination with the internal working of the human body may contribute to my nerdiness. Oh well. At least I don't wear glasses... oh...never mind.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

I think this means my keyboard is an unassembled book

Today Picture Tuesday returns. Next week, Picture Tuesday will again be on Tuesday. This is a fairly simple system and it should help me keep things under control here at the Base of Operations. Have a great rest of the day, and hopefully I will be back tomorrow.

Monday, January 29, 2007

A little like peeling an orange...

This blog should have been called "Broken Record." I know, I know, I promise to blog and then I don't. I'm sorry. Sometimes life happens. I think I may have set my sights too high for the beginning of the semester. So here's my new "commitment", and I do use that word very lightly, I'm going to do my best to post every Monday for sure. Also, I should be able to post on most Tuesdays. And that's it. The other three weekdays are up in the air for now. Sorry. They may happen, they may not.

I do however have some exciting news that should cheer up even the most glum of you dedicated few. I started skinning my first person today. I am in a human dissection class this semester at school and I have to say, it was the coolest thing I have ever done. Not to compare it to spending time with Jamie, but it was just like when we go out on a date - time flew by without me even noticing it!

There are six of us to a body and my group got a very old female who has very thin skin. I have been assigned the task of working on the upper right side, so I have the right arm and chest. It is a crazy feeling making that first cut into the skin, but once you do, there's no turning back and you just have to keep going. I got a pretty good chunk of the forearm done today. It's going to take a lot of time, but I have all semester.

For those of you who are wondering, it feels a lot like peeling an orange with a really sharp knife. If you were to try and remove just the peel using a knife and forceps (pinchers) that's the general idea of what I'm doing. There are plenty of other food analogies (like how the subcutaneous layer looks a lot like string cheese and the fat globules under the skin look like little yellow, jello balls...) but I don't want to ruin all food for you. If you keep reading, I may post some more about all this stuff and I'll try to keep the food analogies going.

Hopefully, there'll be more tomorrow.