Friday, November 09, 2007


I mentioned earlier this week that I will start posting both short stories that I have written and starts to short stories that I have not figured out how to finish. Any comments or thoughts are always appreciated. Today's story is a start of a story that I wrote nearly four years ago. This is the first time it has seen the light of day. Be gentle...

The shadows clung to the still night, hiding everything they touched, drawing everything into their cold embrace. He wrapped himself in them now. Eyes, like those of a cat, gazed from beneath the hood which covered his face. Slowly he slid through the darkness, his movements sure, as though he had walked this tree covered hill a thousand times before.

The sharp caw of a raven high up in the night sky brought him to a sudden halt. Lowering his head in concentration, he listened intently. His sharp ears could hear nothing but the normal sounds of the forest. After he was sure that nothing pursued him, he continued on. Silently, stealthily he made his way deeper into the forest, deeper into the darkness. He did not hurry, but with measured, deliberate footsteps pressed on towards the clearing which lay ahead.

Ever so gently, a soft light began to penetrate the darkness. It came from the clearing, he knew. He was getting close. He continued to walk towards it, towards the light which shown down on what lay in the center of the clearing. Slowly the trees began to thin and then he found himself at the edge of the clearing. The light was brighter here and yet it was soft and gentle, like the warm glow of a full moon. The light had no origin, it simply was. And it shown directly on the cold stone table which lay in the center of the clearing. He did not step towards it, but remained in the shadows. Parth Kentan was a very patient man, and now the waiting began.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

My first time

So I got a new job. It is in my field of passion (medicine) but it is definitely out of my comfort zone. I now work for the Donor Network of Arizona as a tissue recovery technician. Essentially, I wait around for a call telling me to come into the office and then I head out with a team to recover skin, muscles, bones, veins or nerves from a person who has recently passed away.

My first case was hard. I imagine the first one is hard for everyone. But mine really resonated deeply within me. It was pediatric heart recovery case. We went to the hospital operating room and removed the heart from a deceased newborn. The whole procedure took about thirty minutes and then we left.

As I read over what I just wrote, it seems so sterile, so cold and removed. The truth is, I can't stop thinking about it. I can still see those tiny, lifeless eyes staring up to heaven. An almost happy expression frozen on its cherubic face, as if it died mid laugh. It almost looked alive, except for the eyes, I would have believed that. Its eyes had nothing behind them, they were empty and terrifying. I've never seen a dead baby before and I hope to never see one again. No one should ever have to see that. Encounters with babies should be happy memories. Mine haunts me.

I'm sure that one day, it will be just a sad memory. But for now, it is still fresh. I don't know why it torments me so. I had nothing to do with the death. I could not have stopped it nor could I have even prolonged it. The baby was not someone I knew and I am usually able to stay so detached from things. But I can't this time. Why is that? I pray for comfort and it is only when I am praying that I find solace. How I wish I could close my eyes and forget. But every time I close my eyes, I can picture that little baby lying on the cold steel of the surgical table and it still brings tears to my eyes.

I know that God has a plan, I think I just need to draw near to him for a while before I'm willing to listen to it.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Hey, who turned down the AC down here?

Yes, I know, two posts in one day. Start up a hockey team in hell...

Anyway, this article caught my eye. Actually it was the picture that really caught my eye. Theoretically this should have been a major step in evolution. This girl was born with four arms and four legs. Instead of being a major fitness advantage to her, doctors in India just spent 30 hours removing the extra appendages and repairing her pelvic area. If you won't concede that it is a win for Intelligent Design, it is at least another tally in the Loss column for the theory of Evolution.

She would have made a great goalie.

Are you just fiddling with me or what?

So I'm back. At least temporarily. I think. Sorry for that brief hiatus. I've got no excuses.

Anyway, I have decided to make some interesting changes. One day a week, I haven't decided which day yet, I will post an exerpt from a short story that I have written or am currently writing. Most will be exemplary pieces of writing which you will want to show to your neighbors and distant relatives. Please leave comments as you see fit. Others will probably be lacking in the greatness department. It happens. With those, keep your opinions to yourself. What do you know anyway? Just kidding. I appreciate all criticism, constructive or otherwise.

In addition I will not be adding anything else. Picture Tuesday will stick around but will probably be sporadic at best. All other posts are not gauranteed on their scheduled dates and may or may not be informative. The posts that do contain information may or may not be accurate and all sources will probably be fabricated. Look for an important update tomorrow.