Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Wow! That guy's good. - Why yes, yes I am

People, people, people. Please stop sending me hate-mail. I realize that I haven't been posting as much as I promised, but well, sometimes life gets busy. And when things get hectic, sometimes you have to remove some of the clutter until things slow down again. I have found that when life gets busy for me, posting is one of the first to go. The good news is that I have been keeping up with my writing in general, so all is not lost.

I emailed one of my favorite professors earlier this week and sent her my latest short story. When I had let my wife read it moments before sending it off, she was very emotional about it and begged me to change the ending. I refused and sent it anyway. We'll see how that goes. In my professor's reply she mentioned that she had made copies of one of my essays that I had written for her Advanced Composition class and gave them to her freshmen class with the idea of inspiring them to achieve such literary perfection. Apparently that was a bad idea. In short, three of the little guys couldn't handle the pressure and dropped the class, four more haven't shown up in the past two weeks, but have not officially withdrawn, and another two switched their majors from English to Accounting. I guess I just have that sort of effect on people. Yay me.

(Disclaimer: most of the above story is untrue in any way, shape or form after the words literary perfection. As such, it should be disregarded and/or taken with a grain of salt)

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Yup, I'm a cutter

Well, the MMDC saga continues. I have now been at it for almost a full week and it hasn't turned out quite the way I planned. Some of the things that I have been hoping to accomplish are: pick up fencing or boxing, develop my writing, study anatomy and physiology, workout daily, study Spanish, practice on my guitar, play basketball, and, of course, spend more time with God.

However, I have had to work the past couple of days and random events have arisen that have prevented me from sticking to my carefully plotted schedule. Most days I get in a decent workout and I have my quiet time, but everything else has been pretty haphazard. Here's hoping next week goes a little more as planned...

The two cool things that have happened are that I started cutting at work and I just finished the first draft of a new short story. I have been wanting to be a cutter since I started with the Donor Network five months ago, and last night I made my big debut. It is a lot tougher than it looks. Some of those techs are able to slice, slice, slice and poof! out pops a tibia. But for me, it was like, slice... slice... oh crap... sliceslicesliceslice... slice... slice?... um... is this something we need? They tell me that I will get better with practice. Oh boy. I hope so.

The short story that I worked on is interesting for me because I wrote it in first person, present tense, not a usual style for me. I bought a book called Now Write! that has a bunch of short writing exercises in it, and so I am slowly making my way through this book trying different styles, but mostly using it for story prompts. I haven't read through the entire finished story yet, so I'm excited to do that sometime next week and look at it with a fresh perspective. If it's any good, maybe I'll post it here. So it'll probably stay offline.

At least I'm good at my job... sigh.