Thursday, February 09, 2006

My shelter in time of need

The week is almost over, if I can survive today. Isn't it great that God is faithful? He is described as a refuge in Psalms. When I think about a refuge, I think about a place for shelter during a storm. During the hurricanes, people would board up their homes and hope that they would be safe inside. With God, I don't have to make him any stronger, or better to know that I am safe. He is perfectly capable of being a refuge from the rain and wind all by himself. When I run to him to find my shelter, he is always strong. How cool is that?

All that is to say that this week has been incredibly busy, just not very stressful. Is it because I have less to worry about, or is it because I'm finally learning to trust that God isn't going to let me down when I need him? I really hope it's the latter. If not, that means He is going to continue to teach me the lesson until I finally learn. I think I'm ready to move on to a different issue. (I just hope it's not pride...) Sorry about not posting yesterday. I meant to. It just didn't happen. Some days are like that. I'm just glad that God isn't fickle like me.

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