Thursday, August 07, 2008

72 and sunny beats 108 and sunny any day

We flew out to California for a family meeting in San Diego last week. But we decided that all work and no play is bad for you health. So my beautiful wife and I stopped by Disneyland for a couple of days where we met up with our cousins.

I love Disneyland. I've read the books, visited the park a bazillion times, talked to the guides, read the websites, and still I can't get enough. But the best Disney experience is visiting the park with little kids. Their wonder at the rides, their excitement, their unbridled giddiness, all make for an unforgettable trip.

This is us on the very first day, getting ready to finally enter the park.

This is me along with my littlest cousin. Right after this picture was taken, he beat me on the head and yelled, "Let's go horsey!" Neigh.

This is the proudest day of my wife's life - she got her driver's license. Of course, my seven year old cousin got hers at the same time.

Okay, so we asked a Disneyland employee to take our picture. She said, "Act like you're scared of the boulder. It will be a cool picture..." So I decided to. My wife thought that would be silly, so she decided not to. Thus, we get this beauty below.

I think the cousins liked playing in the fake Disneyland firehouse more than the actual rides. We spent somewhere near a half hour in there and they had a blast. If you ever go to Disneyland, visit the firehouse just off of Mainstreet. Spend a half hour in there and see how much fun you have. It's almost as good as Indiana Jones.

After Disney, we took a train (yes people still do that) down to San Diego. We spent the next four days relaxing at the beach. The family meeting? We met for about two hours Sunday morning and then broke for lunch. Then we met for another hour that evening before dinner called. Since we stayed pretty much right on Mission Beach, we rode bikes along the boardwalk everywhere we went. A lot of time was spent on the beach or in the ocean. And despite the fact that I am so white I am practically see-through, I am the only one who escaped without a significant burn. SPF 70, it wins every time.

Below are our family pictures from the vacation taken at the beach house.

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