Friday, July 29, 2005

Breath of fresh air

On Wednesday night I had a long meeting to plan out Bible studies at Grand Canyon for this coming year. I am working with 7 other students to coordinate Bible studies and help provide them with direction. Half of the team is out of town but I and three of the girls met at Canyon for three hours to discuss our plans. It was one of the most spiritually encouraging times of my life.

In my long life of 20 years, I have found very few girls who are godly and seem to take their faith seriously. In fact, I could probably count the one's I've met on my fingers. But Wednesday night gave me encouragement that there are still some girls out there who truly love God and want to obey him with their lives.

Their speech and lives really reflected their passion for their savior. They weren't flirty or shallow but their actions and conversations showed that they had depth of character rarely found in men or women. I went away from the meeting just praising God with all my heart. I was so encouraged that he had brought such godly women to GCU. I hope that he uses them to encourage other women at GCU to develop that sort of depth and passion for Him. I really feel that this is going to be a banner year for GCU as far as spiritual growth.

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