Sunday, July 03, 2005

Part three: The rest of my life

After all of my classes have been accounted for, I still have a couple of major extra curricular activities on my plate. The first is my RA position. As a resident assistant it will be my role to monitor about 30 guys living in the dorms at GCU. I am on call 24-7. Mostly it is a supporting role: help the guys get in when they have locked themselves out, answer obvious questions, act as a mediator or counselor, that sort of thing. It shouldn't be too difficult. A lot of that stuff I did last year already on my own. The biggest changes are that now I have an official title and I answer to a specific person.

The other major activity I will be involved in is leading Bible studies. My first priority is always to please God and I think that by training other young men how to live Godly lives is an excellent way to serve Him. Besides being on the front lines doing active combat, I am also getting involved in some of the behind the scenes work. I will be part of a council of 5 or 6 students who coordinate the Bible studies on campus.

In addition to those two major activities, I will also continue to tutor students in writing at the GCU Learning Center. This is not a real time-consuming job however. I will only be working about 7 or 8 hours a week, just enough to provide me with some extra spending money. I love writing and reading, the hours are flexible, and it is on campus so it really is the perfect job for me.

That's about it. My weekends should be pretty light. Jamie and I are trying to find a church close to school so we won't have to do a lot of traveling. The weeks will be busy, but a good busy. I will be doing things I love to do (well, except school, and that's really not all that bad). All in all, God has really blessed me this year with a great life. Thankfully, things always turn out best when he's in control.

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