Friday, September 02, 2005

Meet the Parks

My roommates this year are pretty awesome guys. Yup, the twins are back. Jon and Stephen Parks, brothers at large. Haha. They aren't really twins and they aren't really related. They both happened to share a room together last year with Matty and I. Since we were brothers with the same last name, we figured that Jon and Stephen have the same last name so they should be brothers too. They don't look even remotely alike.

Jon is quiet and thoughtful. He is a Bible study leader again this year and I know he will be a great influence on the guys in the hall. Some people think that he is shy. Nope. When he gets around people he is comfortable with, he's a little crazy.

Stephen is the exact opposite. He is extremely outgoing and can often be quite outrageous. But he is a great guy also and definitely keeps life interesting. When he gets around people he is comfortable with, he usually settles down a little and can be very philosophical and deep.

It's a pretty good combo for a room. We have the extremes and me, the middle man. It makes for an interesting college experience.

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