Monday, November 21, 2005

Sick, but educational

I went home this weekend because I wasn't feeling well. While I was there, I left the power cord to my computer sitting on the living room floor. So, between now and sometime on Wednesday, when I will be going home for Thanksgiving, I only have whatever life is left on this battery. If I don't do much posting, I'm sure you will understand.

The doc says that he thinks I have bronchitis. Wahoo. I don't think I have ever had any cool forms of sickness before. It's usually just a cold, or the flu. As you can see above, I included a really nifty little picture to help visualize what I have. But bronchitis sounds pretty cool, right? Actually, it stinks. I can't breathe without pain, I have a nasty cough, my muscles are sore and my head is clogged up like the streets of Israel on Yom HaAtzmaut (look that one up on your own). Anyway, I feel down right awful. God is good to me as always though. I may not have to take one of the tests I was supposed to take this week. That would be awesome. Keep me in your prayers.

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Heather said...

I hope you feel better soon! But not so soon that you have to take that test. But the minute after the test time is over, I hope you get better. If you're not better the minute after the test, then I'll be praying for you to be better by Thanksgiving... cause it would be sad if you were sick over Thanksgiving... you wouldn't be able to enjoy all the yummy food :( I would cry. Not that I'll be around... but you know what I mean. ok... done babbling now... I have to pay attention to my teacher now... BYE!