Wednesday, January 25, 2006

System overload

I'm under the impression that Tuesdays are now out to kill me, forget about Mondays. I start out the day with class at 8:30 and I finish up the day with SALT ending at 10:30 at night. Once SALT is over with, I usually make it back to my room around 11:30. Now I'm no math major, but I think that works out to be about a 15 hour day. Also, whoever put my schedule together definitely forgot that I need to eat because that just wasn't put on the itinerary. If I didn't have a dinner meeting in there, Tuesday would become a day of fasting for me. I'm not quite sure how I'm going to survive a whole semester of that.

Thankfully yesterday didn't quite do me in. By the time I got back to my room last night, I was swaying on my feet a little, but not completely dead. I guess that's good. I think I'm just exhausted now. I already had my one breakdown for the week on Sunday, so I don't think I'm really allowed to have another one. I am definitely feeling a bit overwhelmed right now. That same person who put my Tuesday schedule together also put together the rest of my semester. I'm a little bit worried about how I'm going to maintain relationships this semester, let alone form new ones.

Of course the good news out of all this is that I'm really having to rely on God to make it through each day. Although my quiet times haven't been as regular as I would like, my prayer life has shown a dramatic improvement. I spend most of my days talking with God. It's pretty wonderful. So I guess that even though life is crazy and seems to want to swallow me whole, God is drawing me closer to him and since life really is all about God, things really are going well out here at Canyon.

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