Monday, October 10, 2005

Praise God for Potts

I finally have a mentor. Some of you may know of my frustration in not having anyone pouring into my life this semester. All my profs from last semester are gone, my Bible study leader moved to Oklahoma and I just started going to a new church where I don't know anybody but Jamie. So I have been feeling quite alone as far as spiritual wisdom is concerned. As a leader on campus, I am constantly pouring myself into people, but I have had no one to pour into me. Finally, in desperation, I called up a man who has an amazing gift for speaking and is very godly, but who before yesterday, couldn't have picked me out of a crowd of 20.

I am so excited that he said yes. It was kind of backwards, me asking and him accepting. Kinda like the girl proposing to the guy. But he said yes all the same. His name is Chris Potts and he has taught at SALT, our metro Phoenix ministry, and spoke at our Bible study leadership retreat this summer. He seemed genuinely excited to mentor me, so I think this will be a great opportunity for both of us. For me to learn, and for him to impart some of his amazing wisdom. Praise God for answered prayers.

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